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High-quality, Annique rooibos products: skin care,personal care,health supplements & herbal infusions - high in antioxidants, anti-ageing and anti-allergic benefits.
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Authentic, Effective, Affordable Products Where Science Meets Rooibos & Natural Plant Extracts

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Customer testimonials

Amelia Van de Merwe

Absolutely love the ease of online shopping for my Annique goodies monthly. Great service and great products! 

Cynthia Khumalo

Annique's rooibos products are quite literally the bomb! They really work and I get so happy when I notice fantastic results. I always refer my friends and family to this site :) 

Priya Singh

I definitely find myself coming back again and again to restock my beauty and health supplies. I am obsessed with how amazing these products are and how easy it is to add everything to the cart and pay safely in 2 seconds!

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Choose Your Annique Fighter Based On Your Concern picture

Aching Muscle or Joint Pain: Detox (Ginger) tea; ZeroAche+; OptiMega; OptiCalMag; OptiToniQ+; Resque Mist

Acne: Face Facts range; Sensi Crème; Resque …

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How To Determine Your Skin Type picture

Knowing your skin type is the first crucial step toward establishing an effective skin routine.
While everyone's skin is different, most people's fall…

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How many collagen sachets do you need? picture

Explanation on how much collagen drink you need

We recommend the following:

1️⃣ You can make 1 liter with one sachet and drink it over 2 - 4 days depen…

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About Annique Rooibos:

▪️Our company is the original Rooibos Health…

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