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Under Maintenance

Knowledge Is Power

Annique Immune Boosters picture

Cold and flu season is around the corner and the continuing coronavirus pandemic will certainly complicate matters. While you can’t stop yourself fro…

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How many collagen sachets do you need? picture

Explanation on how much collagen drink you need

We recommend the following:

1️⃣ You can make 1 liter with one sachet and drink it over 2 - 4 days depen…

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How To Determine Your Skin Type picture

Knowing your skin type is the first crucial step toward establishing an effective skin routine.
While everyone's skin is different, most people's fall…

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Choose Your Annique Fighter Based On Your Concern picture

Aching Muscle or Joint Pain: Detox (Ginger) tea; ZeroAche+; OptiMega; OptiCalMag; OptiToniQ+; Resque Mist

Acne: Face Facts range; Sensi Crème; Resque …

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