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Choose Your Annique Fighter Based On Your Concern

Choose Your Annique Fighter Based On Your Concern picture

Aching Muscle or Joint Pain: Detox (Ginger) tea; ZeroAche+; OptiMega; OptiCalMag; OptiToniQ+; Resque Mist

Acne: Face Facts range; Sensi Crème; Resque Crème; OptiMega; OptiDerm; OptiC; ZetoTox; Relax (Jasmine) tea

Allergies: Relax (Jasmine) tea; Rooibos tea; OptiMega; Resque Concentrate; OptiToniQ+; Resque Mist; Green Rooibos tea

Asthma: Green Rooibos tea; Resque Mist; OptiMega; OptiFlora; OptiToniQ+

Black heads: Essense Skin Detox; Essence Liquid Skin Nutrition

Bladder infection: OptiToniQ+; Bladder & Kidney (Buchu) tea Blood pressure – high/low: OptiMega; OptiCalMag; OptiToniQ+

Concentration problems: Lifestyle Shake; OptiMega; OptiFlora; OptiCalm, OptiToniQ+ 

Constipation, spastic colon: Colon Cleanse (Senna) tea; Stomach (Mint) tea; Relax (Jasmine) tea; OptiFlora; OptiMega

Dead cells/Dull skin: Enzymatic Exfoliator; Forever Young Q10 Therapy; Anti-Ageing Serum; OptiMega; Essense Skin Detox

Dehydration: Essense Miracle Tissue Oil; Forever Young Revitalising Cream; Essense Anti-Ageing; Lucid Ultimate Moisturiser for dry skin

Dry Skin; Forever Young Revitalising Cream; OptiMega; OptiVite; OptiDerm

Dermatological treatments: Rooibos tea; OptiMega; OptiToniQ+; Resque Crème

Dryness: Resque Crème; Lucid Freshener; Anti-Ageing Serum; Lucid Ultimate Moisturiser for Dry Skin; Forever Young Revitalising Cream; OptiMega; OptiVite; OptiDerm

Eczema: Resque Crème; OptiMega; Baby Body Lotion; Rooibos tea; Baby 2-in1 Shampoo and Body Wash; Sensi Crème; Essense Liquid Skin Nutrition

Enlarged pores: Forever Young Q10 Therapy; Forever Young Revitalising Cream; Forever Young Bo-Serum; Essense Antioxidant Radiance Masque; Forever Young Youth Restoring Masque

Fatigue: OptiC; OptiMega; OptiCalMag; OptiToniQ+; Detox (Ginger) tea; Resque Mist

Fever blisters: Resque Crème; OptiBoost; OptiC; Face Facts Spotless; Resque Concentrate

Flu and colds: OptiBoost; OptiC; Lifestyle Shake; Resque Mist; ZeroAche+

Freckles: Essense Derma Protect SPF 20; Forever Young Q10 Therapy; Essense Skin Detox; Forever Young Bo-Serum; Forever Young Eye Therapy; Forever Young Youth Restoring Masque 

Hay fever or sinus: Resque Mist; OptiMega; Resque Concentrate

Indigestion: Green Rooibos tea; Stomach (Mint) tea; OptiFlora; Night Rest (Melissa Leaf) tea; OptiCalMag; Relax (Jasmine) tea; OptiToniQ+

Itchy skin: Resque Crème; Green Rooibos tea; Essense Miracle Tissue Oil; OptiMega; OptiFlora; Essense Sensi Crème; Essence Liquid Skin Nutrition; Resque Mist

Menopause, PMS, hormonal imbalance: OptiFlora; OptiMega; OptiCalMag; ZeroTox; Relax (Jasmine) tea; Balance (Cinnamon) tea

Oiliness: Forever Young Q10; Essence Skin Detox; OptiFlora; Face Facts Charcoal Mud Masque; Face Facts Charcoal Soap Bar; Face Facts Mosturiser 

Pigmentation marks: Essense Miracle Tissue Oil; Foundations; BB Cream; Essence Skin Detox 

Pimples: Face Facts range; OptiMega; OptiVite; Relax (Jasmine) tea

Scarring: Essense Miracle Tissue Oil; OptiDerm; OptiMega; Rooibos tea; OptiC; Essence Liquid SKin Nutrition

Sensitive: Essense Sensi Crème; Resque Crème, Sensitiv Soothing Moisturiser; OptiMega; OptiDerm

Stress or trauma: Relax (Jasmine) tea; OptiMega; OptiCalm; OptiCalMag; OptiVite

T-panel problems: Essense Skin Detox; Forever Young Q10 Therapy; Hydrafine Range;OptiFlora; OptiToniQ+

Veins: Forever Young Revitalising Cream; Forever Young Q10 Therapy

Whiteheads: Essense Skin Detox; Essence Liquid Skin Nutrition; OptiDerm; Enzymatic Exfoliator

Wrinkles: Forever Young Bo-Serum; Forever Young Revitalising Cream; Forever Young Q10 Therapy; Forever Young Yourh Restoring Masque; OptiDerm; Forever Young Eye Therapy; Enzymatic Exfoliator

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