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Annique Zerotox 30 Capsules

R 439


  • Zerotox contains Absorbatox™ that adsorbs heavy metals, toxins and nitrates.
  • FDA certified, helps to restore organ equilibrium and is safe to use
    (it doesn’t get absorbed into the bloodstream, but stays in the gastro-intestinal tract)
    even in severe cases.
  • Absorbatox™ adsorbs toxins, changing its molecular structure and rendering it harmless,
    after which the body removes it naturally.


  • Painless detox [non-invasive]
  • Normalises organ metabolism.
  • Improves the healing process.
  • Relieves IBS [irritable bowl syndrome]
  • Assists with gastro-intestinal health [heartburn, ulcers, acid reflux]
  • Relieves allergies.
  • Removes toxins.
  • Improves nutritional absorption.



  • Powerful antioxidant.


  • Adsorbs toxins, changing its molecular structure and rendering it harmless.


1 – 2 capsules per day

Ideally take Zerotox after 2 drinks, however taking it before, during or after will still have a very strong result. You may also take 3 Zerotox at the end of the evening before bed

Do NOT take Zerotox within 2 hours of taking prescribed drug medication.

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