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About Annique Rooibos:

▪️Our company is the original Rooibos Health and Beauty company and celebrates it's 51st birthday this year

▪️Our product all include Rooibos extract and ranges are:

   - Skincare for all skin types
   - Body Care
   - Slimming & Supplement Shakes
   - Rooibos Herbal Teas for many ailments
   - Vitamin Supplements /Superfoods
   - Resque Body Treatments  for all skin challenges
   - Baby Care
   - Sun Care
   - Make-Up
   - Fragrances
   - Limited Editions and Gifting products

*BENEFITS of joining:*

We have *NO REGISTRATION FEES and NO compulsory START-UP Kit, it's optional at a reduced cost* .

There is *no minimum order or monthly automatic orders* . 
You order what you want and when you want it.

You can have your order *delivered anywhere in SA to a physical address or PEP Stores * - you can even send orders to friends.

We have a monthly *Buy Me to Try Me*  (BMTM) product that you can buy at a very discounted price. One per member/consultant per month.

You get access to the  *AnniqueStore* with all the specials and new products.

You can order directly from our Home Office and delivery takes 3-4 days.

You also get access to the *Academy* where you can look-up all our products. It is like our own Annique Google Library

*There are many ways to earn or save with Annique*
We will  share the most important ways with you here:

▪️As Consultant / Member you *can buy/order all your products at an immediate discount of 20%*  and save on your favourite Rooibos products.

▪You can *sell these  products* and earn an income through the discount applicable.

▪️*Discount can be up to 40%*  depending on your total orders per month (see Personal Sales sliding scale)

▪️You can also *build a business by inviting more Members / Consultants* and in return earn a % on their sales. - if you are interested in building towards a long term income.  This is not compulsory.

*Start your Rooibos Journey today

Nothing to lose - everything to gain!

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